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Embrace the Beauty

August 2008

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Hello, hello! I've been lurking every day since my last post...I just haven't chimed in.  [hides] Forgive me!

I reached my Christmas weight loss goal of 20 pounds(!!!) before the office shut down for vacation. (We have a Weight Watcher's program here at work) That was a pleasant surprise. I also obtained a goal this week of -2.5 lbs, which is what our WW leader set for us to lose. She said, "If you want to lose 10 lbs. a month, that averages out to 2.5 lbs a week." So I did it! 

I'm at 229.2 right now. I haven't seen the 220's in FOREVER. FOR.EV.ER. My peak (which will never ever be reached again, thank you very much) was 265+. I stopped looking when it got that high so it actually might have been 270. 

My epiphany this week came as I was walking down the hall here at work yesterday. I noticed that it was quiet. Silent, if you will. See, when I was at my highest weight, my shoes started making these funny noises when I walked. Kind of like a screechcracksqueak. What was happening was that the arches of my shoes were actually collapsing because of all the extra weight I was carrying around. Isn't that crazy?! My poor shoes! I was putting them through pure torture. Not only am *I* glad to have that weight off, but I know they are too.  :oP

Matt and I are going to check out some wedding locations this weekend. We still haven't set a date...BUT, within the next few weeks we WILL have one. 

Omg...that means I really have to start planning. Oye!


Congrats on the weight loss! \o/
Thanks so much!