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Embrace the Beauty

August 2008

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Embrace the Beauty

Where poppies grow...

I really need to stop neglecting my poor little journal. I had to dig through all the cobwebs just now so it could see the light of day!

So Matt and I have set a date: March 7th, 2009. We're having both the ceremony and reception at the Kansas History Museum. The theme is 'cherry blossoms'. 

More details to follow when we get some other things finalized.

I've been keeping a steady eye out for a nice house to rent here in town. Preferably one with 2-3 bedrooms, a basement, and a fenced backyard. And of course one that will accept 2 cats and a dog. It's been hard to find, I tell ya! 

Matt is trying to decide what path he'd like to take as far as the future goes. He LOVES the thought of being an Animal Control Officer, but has yet to get even an interview yet with the city. He's been calling them since AUGUST. The last time he called they said, "Well...it's in the hands of the Police department now and they take awhile..." Before he leapt into the realm of dogs, he was heavy into construction and was even enrolled in a (very crappy) community college program. There is a Technical Institute just down the street from us that has an HVAC program, which he was originally going to pursue before he met me. He's going to call around to a few places, maybe even some of the big Heating/Cooling companies here in town just to see what direction he needs to go in, chat with them about apprenticeships, etc.

I'm still at Jostens. Last week was awesome because my supervisor was gone from Tuesday - Friday. She was sick the latter half of the week, for which I felt bad for being happy...and it's not that I don't like her, because she's really the best Super that I've ever had...but you all know what it feels like to have the boss out of your hair for a few days. Come the end of this May, I will have been there a year! And in August, I will have 'officially' been there a year! 

We just started watching Saving Private Ryan. What an intense movie. I can't even imagine having to go through something like that. Pure hell.  


I can't even believe that anyone could have survived that first few waves of infiltration on that beach. I mean, think of how utterly unprotected they would have been...totally exposed with no place to really hide. Absolutely insane!

And yes, yay for dates and well...the supervisor is back today. :o( Life goes on!