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Embrace the Beauty

August 2008

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Embrace the Beauty

Snow White

 I think that, in all reality, I should officially change my name to 'Snow White'. Honestly.

Here's what happened a little earlier today at work:

I was walking down the main hall to the restroom and I saw this puppy outside pawing at the front door to the building. I heard a man at the other end of the hall talking with a guy, saying that the puppy had followed him from the bus stop over on Adams. Well, I went outside and the puppy came running straight over to me. It is WAY too cold outside for anything to be running around unprotected, so I scooped her up and brought her inside to the HR window. She was a 3 or 4 month old beautiful chocolate lab with a white chest, huge paws, and adorable brown eyes. I talked to the HR ladies about what we could do (call Humane Society, etc.) and one of the gals said that she could take her home and put her in an extra kennel in her basement, then call the paper to place a “Found” ad. I said that at least she would have a warm place to stay instead of running around in the cold. I couldn’t just walk away and leave her out there, so I had to do something. I’m glad that someone can take her home for the time being. 

Baby puppy! I can't just leave baby puppies out in the bone chilling cold. Anyone who does has a heart made of stone.  :o(