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Embrace the Beauty

August 2008

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(Lost) Numbers

Losties and the like


Everyone in my office is dropping like flies from various versions of the flu. That is exactly why I've been huddled up in my little corner office placing a hex on every person who enters the door. Well...you know what I mean.


I totally knew that Desmond was going to be Daniel's 'constant'! OMG! I friggin' love that show and it is my obsession. There, I said it. 

New bed:

Matt and I are picking up (tomorrow) a gently used California King-size Tempurpedic mattress w/box spring. I bought the frame for it yesterday, so we're all ready to go on that front. We just need to do some shuffling as far as his old bed and my old bed go. That will hopefully be accomplished tonight. I'm so excited...let me repeat that, SO EXCITED for not only A) a BIGGER bed, but B) a much more comfortable one. Matt's bed is only a Double, so you can just imagine how close our quarters are. We're not really cuddly sleepers and would prefer to be spread out like an eagle instead of sleeping next to eachother like mummies. Plus, his mom bought his mattress OFF OF A RACK at Sam's Club. He didn't even get to try it out until they brought it home. HELLO?!?! It's super firm and I hate it. I'm surprised that he doesn't have more back problems than the occasional aches and pains...because you know how they say that your spine is supposed to be perfectly in line when you sleep? Yeah, no. Not with that P.O.S.


It's been totally nuts here lately. We've had 30+ days of snow this winter and of course the snow itself has been around longer than that...so probably a good 90+ days of actual snow on the ground. Today it's supposed to get up to around 50 or 55 (it's sitting at 46 right now), so that means that I'll be able to walk outside on my break this afternoon. I may even take Buddy for a walk when I get home! Ya'll, 55* right now is like a heat wave. I'm not even kidding. And it's SUNNY outside...so beautiful!


So it's next March 7th and we're obviously still planning some things out. Like this weekend, Matt and I need to find a place to do the rehearsal dinner...don't know why his mom wants us to find one THIS EARLY, but I digress. Mom and I plan on going to Kansas City to look at dresses within the next few months. I'm still doing Weight Watchers and have been a TOTAL SLACKER lately, so I'll be upping up the anty because it's kind of T-minus zero hour now and I need to kick my butt into gear if I want to get to my goal by this time next year!!!!